RabbyKit offers a true web3 solution to help connect your Dapp with wallets, effectively addressing the issue of conflicting multiple wallet extensions. It optimizes the user experience of connecting to Dapps on different devices and enables easy integration with the most suitable visual style and minimal cost.


Based on @wagmi/core (opens in a new tab) and viem (opens in a new tab), RabbyKit can be easily integrated into React (opens in a new tab), Vue (opens in a new tab), or other frameworks.


There are many customizable options available with RabbyKit. On the UI side, you can configure aspects such as theme, colors, fonts, and corner styles. On the UX side, you can choose whether to use WalletConnect, customize the login method, and enable user agreement explanations, among other features.

Multi Injected Provider Support

RabbyKit supports EIP-6963 (opens in a new tab), which effectively resolves conflicts between multiple wallets. Users can simultaneously view multiple installed extension wallets and choose any wallet to directly connect to the Dapp, providing a seamless experience.